A Value-based Collaborative Approach.


Covers the quality of the care you deliver, based on performance measures created by CMS


Focuses on patient engagement and the electronic exchange of health information using an EHR


Assesses how you improve your care processes, enhance patient engagement in care, and increase access to care.


Gauges the total cost of care during the year or during a hospital stay.

Quality payment program support.

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to enhance various MIPS measures. Our team is thoroughly trained on CMS's performance requirements and is adept at exceeding targets. Allow us to assist you in securing positive payment adjustments effortlessly!

"MACRA and its impact on transitioning health care to a value-based environment positively incentivizes practices to integrate pharmacists into the team-based care structure."
American College of Clinical Pharmacy

Improved patient outcomes.

Collaboration between physicians and pharmacists empowers our team to identify and surmount patient-specific barriers to care, offer personalized education, and execute precise medication management. This robust collaboration not only generates cost savings but also fosters positive outcomes and enhances overall efficiency.

Reduced workload.

Patients often have numerous health-related questions, which they may forget to ask during appointments. However, our team is readily available with just a phone call away to address any concerns and provide assistance with chronic and transitional care management.

Our Services

Having a pharmacist on your team has been proven to maximize profitability and productivity.
Medication Therapy Management
Refill Assistance
One on One Medication Reviews
Annual Wellness Visit
Transitional Care Management
Remote Patient Monitoring
Dietary Supplements Consultation
Principal Care Management
Hospitalizan Discharge Follow-up
Chronic Care Management
Follow-up Calls with Newly Diagnosed Patients

Physician compare.

Evaluating physicians' efficiency and the quality of care is pivotal in driving towards increased transparency and elevated healthcare standards. Our pharmacists not only understand but also exceed the standard criteria required, enabling you to distinguish yourself from others in the field. Patients benefit from a personalized experience aimed at promoting rational expenditure, improving treatment outcomes, and fostering better health. Consequently, this leads to higher star ratings and reinforces your standing within the healthcare community.

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We genuinely believe that having a personal connection with your pharmacist will ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

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